You do not become a mother by giving birth. You become one by heart.

Team WOWRAL Mar 07, 2016

For a woman, her child is her blessing. Sometimes a mother comes across as a miracle as well.

Life brings different things to you. Sometimes sheer happiness and sometimes lovable duties. You may not get to choose at times but that does not mean that the life's work is over. It rewards you with even better joys.

There is nothing as sweet and holy as a mother's love and care. Children are little blessings who light up your world like no one else. But at times, the dogmas, the societies and the people are against you. Should this let you be affected? Or should you choose to lead your own life?

When a mother sacrifices, fives, loves, cares and shares; what she receives is the most innocent and beautiful love that is far away from the breach of any society.

There is nothing as sacred and as pious as a mother child relationship!

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