Yogeshwar Dutt puts humanity before medals.

Team WOWRAL Aug 31, 2016

Not all sportsman put medals before humitarian grounds

Indian wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt is not eager to have the upgraded silver medal from the 2012 London Olympics given that the original second place finisher's positive dope test came after his death and said that his family deserves to keep it.

Besik Kudukhov was a Russian freestyle wrestler who had won a silver medal in the 60 kg division at the 2012 London Games. Unfortunately, he died on 29 December 2013. On 29 August 2016, it was declared that Kudukhov was tested positive for banned substances leading to his silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics being stripped from him and be awarded to Dutt instead.

He took to his Twitter handle to express his views

Besik Kudukhov shandaar pehelwaan the (Besik Kudukhov was a magnificent wrestler).

Unke mirtyu ke baad dope test mein fail ho jana bahut dukhad hai (His dope test returning positive after his death is very sad).

Main khiladi ke roop mein main unka samaan karta hoon (As a wrestler, I respect him).

Agar ho sake toh yeh medal unhi ke paas rehne diya jaaye (If possible he must be allowed to keep the medal).

Unke pariwar ke liye bhi samaan purna hoga (It will keep his family's honour intact).

Mere liye manaviya samvedana sarvopari hai (For me humanity is above everything else).


Perhaps this is what true sportsmanship is! Taking care of people, keeping into notice little details and doing simple things that make you legends. It must be great honor to receive and yet Yogeshwar Dutt has the heart to say that it should remain with the family. We are so proud of you Yogeshwar! You make us feel better Indians.

But since Olympics does not consider these kind of pleas. Yogeswar would be awarded a silver medal after the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) gets the confirmation in writing from the World body (UWW).

He has dedicated the Silver to his countrymen.

You are awesome Yogeshwar! You have inspired billions!

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