Why so tired all the time?

Team WOWRAL May 19, 2016

Get up and dance? No. I can barely walk!

Do you always feel lethargic? Or moving your own self from one place to other seems tiring? Sleep deprived, sluggish in motion and drooped shoulders describe you best? Then perhaps what you suffer from is called as the lack of free air.

Well, to begin with, a late night, an early morning, getting ready, getting your children ready, breakfast for everyone, lunch boxes, trains, cabs, autos, cars, buses and reaching your work place on time and smiling that you made it before the boss could make it. BUT. Bang! You missed your 'me' time. Yes right. Where did that morning moment of pleasure go?


We all have become like that. Machines. Sometimes well oiled and sometimes with loads of friction. The work is intricate and highly perpetual. Even normal stuff like buying of groceries and daily chores have become tasks which seem endless. Ever wondered why? When we toss files and presentations like a pro in office, why do we become worse than a bed ridden person and every step of ours seem like a gigantic load.

It is because being better for our own self is not a compulsion. We are able to neglect because taking care or your own self is not mandatory. But what happens when we fall sick and our body takes months to heal and get back to the previous form of being a machine again? You may say that our food is responsible for all of this. True that. The habits, the times, the nutrition everything has been lost. We are afraid of ghee, butter, milk and other stuff considering the amount of cholesterol they produce. But in reality does these are the causing agents? No.


In old days, specifically in India, the Raja- Maharajahs used to have meals that surpassed the diets of a minimum of 5 people today, included everything rich and tasteful. Be it the pooris, naans, parathas or biryani, pulao, heavy curries vegetables or lentils or a variety of non vegetarian cuisine. They hardly died of cardiac problems. Most of them ate to their heart, stomach, intestine and liver and fought like lions in the battlefields. Reason? Hard work in every season, early to bed early to rise schedule and a habit to be in and appreciate nature. Now you know why there were those huge lawns right in front of every palace!

While you may argue that we do not have enough trees left in the urban cities or blame the kind of work we do, what stops you from taking a morning walk? While buying a flat in a society why do we prefer the one with a garden? Just for our eyes or we should make use of the same with promptness. Nature has the power to heal, To build your immunity. To help you live a healthy life. We read number of articles about the benefits of morning walk yet we like and share the posts which depict the 5 more minutes of sleep! Perhaps if morning walk gave you 50% off on your apparels or shoes then you would not require an alarm clock too.


There is still time. We understand it is cumbersome. But try it.

Try going for an early and simple dinner rather than a heavy dose and cooking for a marriage party.

Go less or minimum on tv.

Get a landline phone and do not use your mobiles for too late.

Keep the work in office.And that is it!

Indulge in your children and/ or books.

Listen to music.

Replenish your hobbies.

Plan for your upcoming events and think.

Get up early, get that strong breath of fresh air and you will see how lovely your day goes.

It is a promise that you will experience really good times once this becomes your habit.

Our health is not only in our hands. But in our feet too. Move them. Get on and keep yourself going.

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