Who are Millennials?

Team WOWRAL Aug 31, 2016

Stuck with this question often? Well worry not!

Word: millennial

Pronunciation: /m??l?n??l/

Part of speech: noun

Plural noun: millennials

Meaning: a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.

Why do we read about them all the time or why should we know about them?

Why do we read about them all the time or why should we know about them?

Because they are intriguing and intrigued easily. These people have seen the 90s and are a part of the 2000s.

They react and how!

Their thoughts are not only different but the ones to create quite a stir.

Millennials are intellectuals, know about spirituality and are free thinkers. They have their own opinions and they speak their mind.

They are not blinded by anything or everything. Requirements- yes. Needs- yes. Wants- yes. But the rush is different as compared to the generation of hogging 2000s and the hippie 70s.

These are normal people who think about the betterment of the world, who want to help one and all. It is about creating a global village wherein everyone is looked after and treated equal.

Millennials are the ones to watch out for!

Different outlook, different actions

Different outlook, different actions

Gone are the days when people would stick to one profession and end their lives with it. Millennials experiments. They will be a professional in the day time and the evening will set an artist in them. They are no longer afraid to spread their wings. They want to try newer things and bring in changes that last.

Millennials are confident, intolerant for injustice, have an attitude that is neither arrogant nor too low, self esteemed but not egoists, they know and yearn to maintain a work and personal life balance, they are versatile, flexible and have a mindwork that focuses in better environmental practices.

They are involved in politics but with a liberal attitude. They are open to socio- cultural changes and accept them with true heart. Millennials believe in rights as well as duties and perhaps this is what makes them a more prepared, well informed and a thoughtful generation. They think of consequences and can think of alternatives that can bring the change for good. They want to be the leaders. The doers. The correct ones.

Educated, technology driven and believers

Educated, technology driven and believers

Millennials are most ethnically and racially diverse when compared to the generations older or younger than they are. Not only this, they are also the most educated ones.

Millennials are also very buoyant. A lot of Millennials feel they have enough money or that they will reach their long-term financial goals even during the hard-hitting economic times, and they are more hopeful about the future. They use newer technology like pros, get used to it and even move to the upgrades smoothly, they may not be religious but are spiritual and consider themselves to be free from any conservative and orthodox mentalities.

Why Millennials are being watched out?

Because they have made us believe that the human race is evolving with time and growing into better times with care for the environment and the need for one love.

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