What we need to learn from Japanese schools.

Team WOWRAL May 01, 2016

Why does it feel like a good idea to adopt the school lunch habits from a Japanese school? Watch the video to know why!

The Japanese have a very simple way of working- doing it all by themselves. They might be rich but they will still do their work all by themselves. They will take duties, care for all and share whatever little they have. We have often read how the students there clean their schools just like their homes and it is not imposed but a duty they feel on their own.

Here in the video, it is shown that how a normal school in Japan functions. What things a child has to carry to school, what they have to participate, how they distribute, clean, manage everything and that too with a smile and gratitude. There are ideas such as growing their own crops, recycling, sharing and cleaning. We wonder that perhaps it is these kinds of values they inherit from their childhood that makes them so active, self motivated, calm and have a sense of responsibility. Their work is parallel to none and the form of work- as simple as possible. 

According to the Principal of the school in this video, the emphasis on the lunch period is as good as that of Maths or English because it contains learning as well. Bravo!

No wonder we are drawn to this video. Watch and share.

Video Credits: CafCu Media, Youtube.



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