We talk a lot about love!

Team WOWRAL Mar 27, 2016

Yes! We do. Because to put in simple words, we love love!

The most beautiful and amazing feeling EVER!


And aren't we taught to love from childhood? We tend to like and love everyone who walks in our lives slowly, right from holding us in arms to the warmest hugs. All are little genuine gestures which silently score over the words.


And then, there comes a time when we all wait to have a Prince who can sweep off our feet and talk of the unheard melodies and sing the most romantic songs.

But life isn't this fair always. Sometimes, we also are left believing that- love lies in sacrifices and letting go. We know that we will forever be left with a vacuum, but never complaint.

We have heard that, Love- successful, need not be talked about and love- which failed is no use talking. May be. But doesn't love which failed teaches us a lot? There are things which can only be felt and known when you don't have them. Then why should not this love be talked about? Shouldn't this be the best form, since here, you for the first time identify the other side- pain. Pain always tags along- discovered or hidden. This is what completes the magic of love. One is so enthralled and deep down in love that even the fear of pain cannot alter the path, once taken to reach out to the loved. Such is the power of love.

We wish expectations never existed. Because the moment expectations step in, love looses the charm and is washed off.


But still, we will always talk and love Love!

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