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Team WOWRAL Mar 28, 2016

No, some people cannot manage their ways!

Since Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have broken up officially, people around, including media have not taken a day off to mock their relationship status and make jokes out of it.

Yes, we agree that they both are celebrities and their lives are under the scanner without fail but don’t they have some dignity and a respectable life that they have created for themselves? And while they make India stand on the world map, the least we can do it respect them.

They were in love and parted. So?

They were in love and parted. So?

It is a well known fact that Anushka was Virat's side for a long time now and they stood by each other for a few years. They did not even hide the fact that they were seeing each other and made the public a part of their relationship. But sometimes what we plan does not occur and the same happened with the happy couple. We do find love but finding a soulmate is different and one should not compromise in matters that are lifelong. This is what they did. Instead of continuing and regretting later, they parted, giving space, respect and an amicable closure to their relationship.

They parted but we all found a new way to amuse ourselves. Abuses and mockery!

They parted but we all found a new way to amuse ourselves. Abuses and mockery!

We are glad that Virat Kohli is performing phenomenally well in the recent matches and we are all applauding him for the same. His style, his persona, his never say die attitude and aggression in batting is what we all appreciate. But what is Anushka getting? Lame jokes. Meaningless images. Stupid trolls and comments that spread across LOL, ROFL and LMAO.

This is how we are taught to treat our women? While the men have all the admiration to reach new heights and go out and be happy, women are not supposed to have opinions and decision making prowess?

The internet has been going on and on for days now exploding and talking both ways- blaming Anushka for the poor performance of Virat in past and thanking her for leaving him so that he is free to concentrate and play enormously well.

Thank you Anushka for leaving Virat.

Anushka: your loss is our gain.

Vichari Anushka.

Rehne de behen mera career just start hua hai- Hardik Pandya trolls.

And so many other baseless stuff .

Its weird watching some dimwits MAKE such jokes and people relishing them.

New lows continue every day.

Don’t you all think it is right time that we grow up and understand the ethics of living?


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