Vaccines are useful only when kept at a particular temperature.

Team WOWRAL Apr 28, 2016

Every year, a large number of people are saved by vaccines. But what about the ones who are not?

Every year we see a number of people dying. Sometimes due to lack of medical resources and some due to negligence. One must remember that medicines, vaccines and other medicines work effectively only if kept at a certain temperature. You must ask your physician/ nurse if you do not see such things.

Vaccines specially when kept at a temperature that is higher than the required one, go totally useless. Even if they are injected, they do not bring about a change in the condition of the patient. Hence it is mandatory that they must be kept at the defined temperature.

UNICEF has created a video in a quirky manner so as to let people know the reason behind maintaining the temperature. See the video. It is exemplary.

Video Credits: UNICEF

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