Team WOWRAL Feb 16, 2016

How much can we take?

How much can we take?

The concept of tolerance or intolerance is taking a toll on us!

We see it

We read it

We know it

What do we do about it?

Every day when you open stories about what is happening in the nation or the come across the news reader debating like they are put on fire, what we conclude is that even if there is no intolerance, it is taking a toll on everyone. Be it the internet, newspapers, channels, radio, nothing is left that remains not impacted. We continuously live in an environment wherein everyone is talking about who is correct and who is wrong.

What we need to realize is that politics will be there, blame games will be there, right and wrong too. Our duty is to prioritize the unity before anything else. We need to locate the unity that is being hampered or disturbed. We need to standby our friends and families, irrespective of the religion or caste, opinions and beliefs.

We must also take into account that the difference in opinions can be accepted and respected. If I am anti A, I am not necessarily pro B. And most importantly, I can understand and acknowledge all the good things that are being done and be a part of them.

If we want our country to progress, leave all that is disorderly and unsettling and be with each other. A nation is composed of people not mere ideas and ideologies that speak of what is illegal.

Moral policing should be on the basis of the behavior.

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