Think before you litter! #DontLetHerGo

Team WOWRAL Aug 10, 2016

Stop littering or watch you happiness and wealth go away!

Stop littering or watch you happiness and wealth go away!

In India, we often pray, thank and kneel down in front of Gods and Goddesses who bless us all the way. So much that for every emotion and well being, we have an entire God dedicated and keeping them happy is said to bring what you want. Likewise, Goddess Lakshmi is associated with wealth. And wealth certainly makes us happy, doesn't it?

But what is the point in praying and using all talismans when there is one thing that can change your aura and you don't do it?

Littering, dirtying, spitting, throwing garbage in places where it is restricted, do these sound like good manners to carry your life with? Certainly not!

In this extremely simple yet powerful video, everyone has managed to pass a message that praying and keeping frames of Goddesses is not going to help. What really matters is that you perform you duty well. Getting time to pray is secondary while performing your duty comes first. If not, watch your own Goddess go away. #DontLetHerGo and realize that cleanliness is actually next to godliness.

Here's the video that you must watch today!

While Independence Day is round the corner, take a pledge that involves being a good citizen and not spoiling your surroundings. Swachh Bharat is a dream that can only come true if we all realize that cleanliness is the need of the hour and don't litter nor let others do.

Video Credits: Aur Dikhao

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