Things to do in 2016 and beyond

Team WOWRAL Feb 18, 2016

Resolutions to keep and things to leave!

Resolutions to keep and things to leave!

Every year.


Every year as a new year begins; we start thinking of all the resolutions.

Friends start posting about it, parents start advising about it and left with no choice, it does cross your mind every now and then. But then you wonder how many times you have planned but they were only left as plans. No action taken.

This reminds us of Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. who plans to keep a diary and write everyday but at the end of the year, it is left blank! The key is to keep it simple.

Not go over the board and promise yourself anything that is too big for you. Keep realistic aims, achieve them and for next year, plan a bigger one.

Here we present to you few promises that you can keep for yourself.

1. No junk no!

1.	No junk no!

Yes. All of it. Keep the munchies and burgers and pizzas and hot dogs and all that stuff that is unhealthy away. Pizza anyone? Nooooooooooo!

2. Ditch those colas.

2.	Ditch those colas.

Yes, if you haven’t yet read about their efficiency to clean toilets, experience once for yourself. We have done that and yes, my toilet sparkled and errr… smelled good! :D

3. Read more.

3.	Read more.

Even if it is comics, try taking out sometime and then relish reading them. If not new then find out your old sweet novels tucked under the cupboard in a carton and start re- reading them. There is nothing better than spending some time, besides a window, near the window pane and reading out a few lines that touch our heart. Ahh! Perfect!

4. Practice hygiene.

4.	Practice hygiene.

Wear clean clothes, clean your teeth properly, take and bath everyday (yes hostel people we know you are reading this!) and try to keep your room cleanER. Yes, we know we are sounding like your mommas but ain’t that a necessity?

5. Leave behind your ego.

5.	Leave behind your ego.

Chuck it! Break it! Throw it! Keep yourself respect intact but do not keep your ego. It hurts you in some or the other way and yes, your loved ones too.

6. Smile more

6.	Smile more

Ever been to a place where you knew no one and when someone smiled back things turned better? Well, be that smile giver. Smile and you will see people smile back at you.

7. Keep a diary

7.	Keep a diary

Even if you do not write in daily, keep a journal of all the good things you came across in the whole world and the lessons you learnt. This will be very handy when you feel a little low. Nothing perks you up like a good deed.

8. Learn to express

8.	Learn to express

Through texting, chatting, whatsapp or even through a status update, let people know how you feel. But do not be rude. Always remember that Karma is a bitch and it will come back. So spread joys to get few.

9. Watch less TV!

9.	Watch less TV!

Less? We say quit it. Unless you really find something that makes you laugh intelligently or amuses you. Don’t go on watching mindless stupid movies or serials that bring about a degrading behavioral change. And even on internet, move on from the Kardashians, crap and Bollywood gossip and likes. They serve no good.

10. Volunteer!

10.	Volunteer!

At an NGO or a help center or may be a night school or orphanage, go and volunteer. If nothing else, find the unfortunate people around you and make them learn a thing or two. If you have been blessed with some goodness in life, pass it on.

11. Say no to corruption.

11.	Say no to corruption.

No taking and no giving of bribes. Gotcha?

12. Lastly, be simply good and humble!

12.	Lastly, be simply good and humble!

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.

? Dalai Lama

We hope that these are not too tough or unattainable. Are they?

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