The values our cartoons have left us with!

Team WOWRAL Mar 11, 2016

Those cartoons, those days!

There will always be laughter.

Always be jokes.

And always the lessons.

What our cartoons taught us is parallel to nothing!

1. Tom and Jerry

1.	Tom and Jerry

To stick to our friends despite the little fights

2. Scooby Doo

2.	Scooby Doo

There are no monsters. Only in our imaginations and humans at times!

3. Dexter

3.	Dexter

When you are intelligent, people around you will seem messy. But be patient and helping.

4. Johnny Bravo

4.	Johnny Bravo

Girls don’t just fall for muscles. Brain is a priority.

5. Powerpuff girls

5.	Powerpuff girls

Unity is strength.

6. Captain Planet

6.	Captain Planet

Be aware now or face the wrath later.

7. Swat Kats

7.	Swat Kats

Being together and fighting as a team means everything.

8. Flintstones

8.	Flintstones

Enjoy all the little things that you have and it is always good to have one best friend.

9. Aladdin

9.	Aladdin

When you are a team, no power can defeat you.

10. Ducktales

10.	Ducktales

No matter how rich you might be, struggles and joys through life give your existence a new meaning.

11. Talespin

11.	Talespin

Even in the worst of times, keep you sense of humor alive, functioning with wit and patience.

12. Gummy Bears

12.	Gummy Bears

Well guard your secrets and keep your family close.

13. Winnie the Pooh

13.	Winnie the Pooh

Your friends are your strength and family when you have no one around.

14. Rescue Rangers

14.	Rescue Rangers

Your size does not matter. What matters the most is your intention and a willingness to do good.

No matter how little the lessons, their values drive you to a beautiful and significant life.

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