The real meaning lost!

Team WOWRAL Mar 10, 2016

The real meaning lost!

The real meaning lost!

A gust of the wind rushes through my hair

As I sit in the window and at the sky I stare

Stark purple and shades of orange and blue

The sun is going, leaving it's shades and hues

Allured in thoughts about people I meet

Some greet, some love, some encourage and some cheat

Remembered and forgotten, their faces pass in a slideshow

Now I look back to the time when all I wanted was to grow

I do not understand this life and how it is so complex

It does not, but I wish life came with a text

I do not understand my own response that I am slated to offer

Because at the end one of us does suffer

I read words, books, poems and tales

Where in the end sadness, away it sails

If that is how it should go

Then why in the opposite direction the boat should row?

All this I think and then two pigeons I see in the extension below

One tries to outdo the other and retain its ego

While it claims sole ownership of the little space

Reminds me that life is nothing but again a race

We hurt, we cry, we love, we ignore, we clash and we go out of sight

And prove what? Humanity has lost the game in the big bad world fight

Darwin, I hate to admit you were right and question why

The fittest should have helped and not killed. Sigh!

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