The purpose in life!

Team WOWRAL Feb 27, 2016

What does life believe in?

What does life believe in?










All of the above.

Perhaps the above sum up the answers for the question what is the purpose in your life?

Ranging from personal to professional, from family concerning to individual, we all have a few emotions building up rather gradually as we tend to grow rapidly. Driven by these unknown emotions, the sleeping mind of ours generally helps us build expectations and mannerism that initiate a taking of path that leads to the above mentioned accomplishments. Right or wrong journey? Who knows? While the sleeping mind is guiding, the moral police is sleeping in the bed made by our active mind while it is chatting, sending messages or uploading pics.

What drives me insane is not how we come at this but how we go through it. How is it that only after a few minutes, hours, days, months or years that we regret or feel the loss? Why not at that moment? Why are we advised to be quiet when angry? Why cannot we just control ourselves?

The answer is simple. Because we do not care. Because we take things and people for granted.

We do not bother what people feel since we know that perhaps a sorry and some roses will cure the most crucial wound too. We know that tomorrow is always new and full of chances.

But what if there is no tomorrow? What if the person you hurt unknowingly never came back? What if all the roses died?

Well, you would care then.

I am an optimist and even in the worst cases, I hold on to a little hope that will bring back the smiles. But somewhere deep down, I too know that some things are not just meant to be forever.

Fight. Argue. Don't talk. But don't let that come in between when you lie down to sleep. Life is uncertain and so are people.

Say you care, act like you do. Apparently that is the only element that makes people become better. In all walks of life.

And love. Because hatred helps you win only in wars. To lead a peaceful life, we all need love.

Having someone who cares is a luxury. Parents, siblings, lover, friends.. Not all are blessed with these. Go and reach them. Spread the happiness.

Sorries do not suffice the hurt borne by someone who loves you unconditionally.

Care for people around you. That is the purpose in everyone's life.

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