The ozone layer shows signs of healing. Super happiness.

Team WOWRAL Jul 04, 2016

It is a wonderful news and we hope for betterment!

It is a wonderful news and we hope for betterment!

Scientists have seen signs of the restoration of the ozone hole above the Antarctic. Susan Solomon and co-workers report, in an article that this curing is a result of the restrain on the discharge of chlorofluorocarbons after the Montreal protocol of 1987. Though the process is slower than expected, it is happening.

Depleted layers of ozone above the Antarctic region form the ozone hole, whose formation has lead to amplified cases of skin cancer. Depletion of ozone is due to many reason. The most leading is the release of chlorine from CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) which destroys the ozone. CFCs are released by products such as hairsprays, old refrigerators etc, and the judgment taken by all countries in the Montreal protocol to forbid products that discharge CFCs has been helpful.

There are three stages in the ozone recovery process:

(a) reduced rate of decline

(b) leveling off of the depletion and last

(c) ozone increase linked to reduction of the levels of CFCs.

The scientists had observed the third stage of recovery.

However, depletion of ozone becomes noteworthy in September and peaks in October. Hence the determination of the “ozone hole” in coming September is an indicator of the degree of ozone reduction.

The team has found that the ozone hole has shrunk by more than four million square kilometres since 2000. This year, the ozone depletion was at its peak. They also determine that this healing is due to the reduction of chloroflourocarbons in the environment.

This news is extraordinary. The shrinking of the ozone hole and its role in the occurrence of skin cancer is the most prominent deduction. Also notable is the approach of all nations who cooperated in reducing their CFC emissions.

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