The nation comes first!

Team WOWRAL Mar 17, 2016

It is all about being an Indian first for them.

It is all about being an Indian first for them.

No matter what some people might say, but the real patriots understand that the nation is above the religion.

Despite conditions prevalent in India and the debate that goes on, people of India know how to rest the communal differences and achieve flying colors.

A number of Muslims hoisted the Tiranga while reciting 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' and ‘Vande Mataram’ at Mumbai's Mahim Dargah.

Paying tribute to the harmony of the country by unfurling the national flag with full pomp, show and respect, National Anthem by the Mumbai Police Band, as the Muslim community joined the police officers.

This is the first time that after independence, the national flag was unfurled at a Dargah.

Suhail Khandwani, the president of the Dargah's trust, who unfurled the Tricolour in presence of Shiv Sena MP Rahul Shewale and others, had said, "I am doing it out of love for my country, but I will not call anybody who refuses to do so as anti-national or unpatriotic."

After the hoisting of the Indian flag and the chanting of 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' Haji Arafat Shaikh, president of the Shiv Vahtuk Sena and a Shiv Sena leader said, “For the first time ever, the Tricolour was unfurled inside the Dargah. This is a historic moment for us and will send a great message to the entire nation.”

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