The FIR by a broken heart!

Team WOWRAL May 01, 2016

Can it BE anymore stupid!

I want to launch a FIR. And it would be against the person who has very easily, in a very charming manner and I-will-always-be-with-you crap, blinded me in a cocoon of love, has taken my heart away. It was though not forcibly done, yet an aftermath of a very secretive and organised,well followed and brilliantly put into action plan. 
My heart kept fluttering around and became best friends with his' in no time at all,as I had. Endless talks, uncontrollable laughter, teasings, shy smiles, care for each other and feelings which brought you closer- flowed in and out like air through a flute, resulting into a perfect rhythm- all music to ears. 
But later, his interest start moving and when I could figure out what exactly is happening, he was already away. Miles and miles. I tried my best possible ways of mending things which did not even occur, of saying things which would have taken me a lot to sacrifice, of promising deeds which I would have never done earlier. But all said and done, he went to never come back.


I am fine now. Coping. But the only problem lies with my heart. It is still with him even when I do not know his physical whereabouts. The poor chap fails to understand that how can it be left on it's own when it has no one to look upon to. When all this was not enough to suffocate it, my heart has totally lost it's charm and is scared of trusting others even when it's sure that the case won't be repeated. I do not blame it. But I am really tired of comforting and changing it's due course of attachment when all it wants is his care and love. I feel pity for it when it follows the path trodden by him earlier, his words, his things and last but not the least, a hope,still alive for the fulfillment of the promises he made. It has become pathetic and almost impossible to find with me.
And hence, I want to launch the complaint and the FIR  so that when I have my heart back, I've some chance of living,some chance of being happy once again and some chance of being able to trust someone again.

Ahh! Poor heart, grow up soon!

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