The crazy blazy Indian cricket fans!

Team WOWRAL Mar 09, 2016

And the days have just begun!

And the days have just begun!

T20 World Cup Qualifiers have begun and in a matter of few weeks we will hear noises, firecrackers, ‘yays,’ ‘chal daaru peete hain,’ ‘yaar Kohli concentrate kar le bas!’ ‘Mahi sab theek karega tu dekhiyo’ and much more outside every home in every gully. Everyone will be glued. Wafers company will start introducing cricketer cards once again, cold drink companies will help you meet them with some token number, bars will host special screenings of matches, Ekta Kapoor fan aunties will crib about missing their serials and children will be shouted upon playing frequent gully cricket again.

Ever wondered the kind of fans you spot? Well, we tried. Add on yours.

1. Only Team India

1.	Only Team India

No. No one else. That is it. These fans keep the crackers saved from Diwali and plan to make the most use of them.

2. I am with cricket

2.	I am with cricket

Doesn’t matter what teams are playing. This kind of fan watches cricket for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the game.

3. He rules!

3.	He rules!

These are not fans. They are fanatics. They like one cricketer and are crazzzzzy about him.

4. Team Australia

4.	Team Australia

Do not know why and even when this team bashes a lot of other teams rather crudely, there are some ardent fans of them.

5. Bhai, Indo pak hai aaj

5.	Bhai, Indo pak hai aaj

Enough said.

6. Look at Dale Steyn! *Awwww such a cutie pie*

6.	Look at Dale Steyn! *Awwww such a cutie pie*

Most of the girls fall in this category though!

7. Compulsive fan

7.	Compulsive fan

He will abuse, shout, cry and do anything that can harm people around him.

8. ‘Prashad chadhaunga’ fan

8.	‘Prashad chadhaunga’ fan

These people are the Gods fearing and flattering kinds and promise to treat the Gods if their respective teams win the match.

9. ‘Cricket? What lame game’ fan

9.	‘Cricket? What lame game’ fan

These are not true blue fans of cricket as such but watch the game secretly. After all they need to point out how stupid it is every now and then.

10. ‘Office wale’ fans

10.	‘Office wale’ fans

All the office goers fall in this category. In India, no one can stay away from the madness the World Cup brings. Though radios in office are replaced by smartphones now, no one substitute the charm of the phrase- Bhaisaab, isscore kya hua hai?

11. The kids!

11.	The kids!

They are just into the game.

Oh teri! Kal ka match dekha? Kya sixer tha!

Teri team toh pitt gayi beta!

I told you Australia will win. Bada aaya New Zealand wala

No matter what, the truth is we wear our hearts on sleeves when India is playing in a tournament as huge as this. But whatever we do, we must remember that environment is our responsibility as well. Do not burst crackers or scare the people with noise in the silence of nights. Be conscientious and enjoy the game.

After all, it is a gentleman’s game! (Hopefully)

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