The climate is not changing. We are damaging it.

Team WOWRAL Apr 02, 2016

Ever wondered why people care so much about Mother Earth? Well, here's the proof we need to take measures to be better.

While the climate change is affecting all parts of the world, the severity is the highest in Africa. We have seen in videos, documentaries, photos, come across stories and even listened to people.

Here is an account where three stories show how people have lost their homes, their means of living, food, water and most importantly lives- children, women, men- everyone.

Why is it that the after effects of development need to be harmful and exploiting? Tsunamis, Cyclones, Snow storms are being frequent in the past two decades like never before. It is not even mid of the year and we are already running to fridges for cold water, ACs for cold air and using ice buckets. We cannot sustain in cars during noon time without turning the ACs on and feel suffocated and exhausted the moment we have to step out.

Perhaps the remedy lies in our own hands. Switching to eco friendly material and ways, being aware and collaborating with others who have similar concern and thereby building a society that thrives on measure that help us lessen the carbon footprint and caring for others.

Next time when you let that water tap run free and without any use, remember this video!

Video credits: Climate Reality

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