The attachments you don't want but must face

Team WOWRAL Aug 23, 2016

You may want to put an end to it. But naah!

I don't like Delhi.

Really. I’m not very fond of it.

In spite of being a jobless jerk and knowing that there are ample opportunities out there, I still disagree to go there. I haven't even lived there for long. Just sometimes during vacations. It's been ages that I've been there and even though I want to board the Delhi metro, go to paranthe wali gully, spend one Sunday evening in the garden near India Gate, I cannot bring myself up to catch a train to Dilli.

It's not that I've had personal grudges for the city. But I've them for someone who belonged to it. And back then, I could not wait to go there. But that was ages back. Not anymore.

We, the humans, actually are the species most prone to attachment-be it of any kind. And later even when the person moves on, we still hang on. Situations, songs, foods, habits, colors, clothes and as if all this is not enough, even words remind us of that one person to whom these are linked to.


Sometimes smiling, sometimes teary-eyed-the past always stands in front of you, daring you to forget. And as the phenomenon is-the more we want to forget, the more we remember; we are glued to it.

We try to run, we try to hide, we try to eradicate, yet the emotions continue to thrive. At the end of the day, we feel bad. Bad? Because we did not win-over the highly diverting and disturbing conditions.



But I guess, at times, winning is not important. Not at all a necessity. Doesn't matter if you are still on the same note, unable to move. People keep asking you to leave, forget and let go-which is an obligation and which for sure isn’t easy. It comes slowly and rationally. If it's impulsive, Then also it is okay. But make sure it stays and does make you feel better!

You don't have to be at a certain par with every relation you've. The more the troughs and crests-the better it is.

So next time when you hear a song which reminds you of somebody-do not change it.

If you want to cry out, just do it. And later, smile that you were true to somebody and tried your best.

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