The act of kindness never goes empty

Team WOWRAL Jun 30, 2016

Kindness is a religion. Mind it before everything else.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

- Dalai Lama.

You may survive, but without kindness you cannot live. How often we wish some or the other person was kind to us when we needed in the bad phases of our lives. But don't we forget that we fail to exhibit the same? Do we really help someone when in trouble and help them with one single act of kindness however small? We are sure that the answer is no.

We get up, follow our routine, come back and sleep. That is it. In some part of the day if a stranger sometimes smiles at you and you smile back, do you recognize the calm feeling that follows? Just imagine if you do this often around people you meet everyday? Won't it just brighten up your day. And this is just an example. Perhaps if you move ahead and help someone, you will surely be helped back. Remember the first proverb we are taught in school? God helps those who help themselves. Start making others happy and you sure are to serve your life in happiness and joys.

Here is a small story in the video that explains how one small act of kindness results in replicating the same and this is how it really happens.

Wonderful and simple, isn't it?

Video Credits: Indian Chor Bazaar

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