That old school sweater!

Team WOWRAL Apr 30, 2016

The nostalgia that will continue for years to come.

Trying to tidy up things a little in my cupboard yesterday, I stumbled upon a few things that were and are very close to my heart. Some CDs, some cards, some bookmarks, some collection of key chains, pens and my school days sweater. Of all the things, it has been very close to me. Clutching it with both hands, I sat there for hours together, smiling, laughing and crying simultaneously on some memories that my school has given me. The good old days!

School days are not just best. They are completely naive and impeccable. They are magic.

School days are not just best. They are completely naive and impeccable. They are magic.

The rush, the rickshaws, the morning assemblies, the national anthem that gave goosebumps, the PT classes that killed us though they were just once a week thing, wonderful morning start with singing of "Good morning Teacher," slapstick humour, hushed laughters, hard concepts, harder homework, lunch times, feeling sleepy in the next period, interesting art classes, playing minesweeper in computer labs, whitening white shoes with chalk, borrowing tie batch from other class, being complete favorites of few teachers, Independence day, Republic day, separating Potassium Permanganate from water and being amazed, being scolded for running in the corridor, having crushes on seniors while ignoring juniors, writing 'Thought of the day' on the boards was an achievement in itself, dances and dramas on Annual day, parades on sports day, cheering for your houses, well, the list is endless. And can continue forever.

Wonderful days right? Because of the friendships and bonds we made. We promise to share a lifeitme and we even do. This continues for a few years. But then at times, I feel that the fizz goes away slowly. Lucky are those who stay as good as they were in school, friends do drift apart a little. For better or not, no one knows. Things, people, circumstances, attitude, egos play a vital role in this.

But you know the good in all this? The memories. They do not change. And the laughter and tears once you shared with them will always be etched in your heart. And let it be like that. Leave the thread when it might bounce back and hurt you. Relationships are like chewing gums, they sometimes do get tasteless. It is necessary that you add a flavor in them from time to time. But this cannot work from one way. The inputs need to be from both sides. And what if there are none from them?

Relax. Yes, you cannot force someone to be your friend when they are not moving in the same tone. This does not mean that you two are not friends any more. You are but a little cordial. I know that is highly hurting because once you have known a person inside out, adjusting to their new side of formality is very difficult. But that is how it goes. You have to let go of people when they no longer belong to you.

That is the bitter truth of your life.

And then, what about you?

And then, what about you?

You will be hurt but you will be good. It will take time but you too will move on. You will learn to respect their privacy. You will have a void that is difficult to fill but then that is the beauty of life. Someone will walk in one day and the void will no longer exist. So wait until then.

In the meantime you can always go back to the memories that are etched in your heart with your friends. No one can change that right?

And yes, you do have your school sweater. Go hold and hug it. You never know what the memories are capable of. They might put you in the best of mood and make your day completely!

The school things never fail.

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