Slow down Maa, there's no rush!

Team WOWRAL May 08, 2016

This is for every mother in the world, who makes the world a better place each day!

Maa, come sit beside me and spend some time

Do not go worrying about washing and drying

Years will come and go by with a hush

Slow down Maa, there’s no rush


The childhood of mine spent in your lap

And now an adult I am, time defines the gap

I miss your lullaby, the monsters you would shush

Slow down Maa, there’s no rush


Late waking up one day is fine

And we can go out one day and dine

You have a life don’t you dare crush

Slow down Maa, there’s no rush


Your smile is what means most to us

A hug from you straightens all we trust

A day of gossips and old memories we brush

Slow down Maa, there’s no rush


Your family came first and later your dreams

But your happiness and joys only beamed

Pursue them now, any obstacles you must flush

Slow down Maa, there’s no rush


Your life is a lesson, a perfect one we so proudly call now

We know the sacrifices you made, loved when we were outrageous and how

You need to slow down not for us but for you, because it is the Mom’s turn

A life you have lived for us now it is your time to do for what you yearned.

We, at Wowral dedicate this poem to the mothers who work endlessly to make the ends meet, who give up their desires to fulfill their children’s, who are awake all night and make coffee while their sons study for the exam, who know nothing about the football yet cheer for their daughters, who might not be too well studied but find all solutions for dad’s problems.

To the woman in you mothers, we salute you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Copyright: Wowral

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