Silent Feet Revolution and a man who cared enough!

Team WOWRAL Mar 02, 2016

India's menstruation man!

How far would you go to help the women in your family, village, city or nation to live a hygienic life?

When hygiene mattered more than the names he was called.

Arunachalam Muruganantham, or fondly known as Muruga saw his wife hiding something and upon seeing what it was, it hit him hard. He realized how the women in India lack basic hygiene due to over priced sanitary napkins and how it was affecting them.

What began as an idea to help his wife had him embarked on a journey to bring about a revolution in women's life in not only India but abroad as well. His adversities made him strong and the desire to 'get it done' more powerful.

Called as India's Menstruation Man, Muruga has achieved a lot and given back to the same society where the women are more than thankful to him.

It is truly said that when you want to do something differently, everyone might go against you. But if you stick to your cause and have the will power, you can do things never imagined.

Video Credits: Al Jazeera English.

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