Services to be made more easy, will go on for 24x7

Team WOWRAL Jun 29, 2016

Having trouble managing time? Well, no more now!

Wednesday witnessed a new declaration when the Union government approved a new law that would allow cinema halls, restaurants, shops, banks and other such workplaces to be open all the time. The law would also focuses and promotes women to work during the night in shops and establishments with compulsorycab services and other workplace facilities.

The law covers all premises except factories. The ones who have work related to printing, banking, insurance; stocks and shares brokerage; theatres and “any other public amusement” which is currently not covered under the Factories Act 1948.Units that employ 10 or more employees come under this Act

Increased services = Increased employment

Increased services = Increased employment

PM Modi emphasized on the fact that since now there will be more time for the shop to be opened, larger will be the employment and hence the development.

He also asked the small shopkeepers to go for the same strategy if their state allows ad this will benefit them throughout. He also stated that thus, in terms of cashing the opportunity, the small shops will benefit as well. However the decision still remains with the State government to approve the implementation of or not.

The States have their own rules related to shops and establishments, which cover shops workplaces regardless of the number of employees.

According to decision and the laws to be made hereby, facilities such as taxi services, night creches and ladies toilet should be compulsorily provided by employers in case women are working during the night shift.

This decision will not only come handy in terms of generating employment but also for those who are made to give these a miss because of their hectic schedule during the daytime. The shopoholics and the party goers can rejoice for now they will have extra time to carry on the activities and have fun till they drop.

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