Reforms and awareness go hand in hand!

Team WOWRAL Mar 08, 2016

Breaking traditions to create awareness!

Breaking traditions to create awareness!

It is a necessity to break the rituals and reforms that yield no awareness and change in people. Mankameshwar temple in Lucknow followed suit.

A 700-year-old tradition was broken at the famous Mankameshwar temple in Lucknow on Monday, the eve of Maha Shivratri, when water from the Gomti river was used for 'jal abhishek' to create awareness regarding the significance of protection of all rivers.

A large number of devotees rushed into the temple to worship to Lord Shiva, as chief priest Divya Giri performed the bathing ritual (abhishek) on the Shiva 'linga' with water brought from the Gomti river that flows across Lucknow. The devotees who first tried to interfere citing the passage of ritual and called the water from Gomti polluted were met with the reply that it is we, the people who pollute the rivers. So if this is what we do to our rivers, be it. It is up to you and as well as our duty to keep the rivers clean.

"The Mankameshwar temple has been using Ganga 'jal' (sacred water from the river Ganga) for 'jal abhishek' for the precedent 700 years. A new tradition has begun, so that everyone realizes his or her duties to keep all rivers clean and treat them with equal respect," Divya Giri said.

By using the water of the Gomti, we desired to generate awareness among the people that they should take care of all the rivers, she added.

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