Reasons Humans Will Go Extinct

Team WOWRAL Apr 05, 2016

We are forgetting that we alone do not own the earth. But we are alone responsible for the damage done.

We are forgetting that we alone do not own the earth. But we are alone responsible for the damage done.

We have a history of billions of years. Records, mysteries, proofs, tables, data and so much more that exhibit our behaviour. But the deeds that we are doing now need not be recorded because the speed by which we are going might just leave our coming generations with nothing. Forget being thankful, every species will blame the human race for the wrath we our causing upon Mother Earth.

It is a mix of various traits that has brought us where we are; most of which are not only obnoxious but thoroughly disgusting.

1. Greed

1.	Greed

The human greed is increasing day by day. The limits have evaporated and in their place, development of what we can call is new genes is taking place that have no values for sentiments and emotions.

2. Selfishness

2.	Selfishness

Remind us of the first line of Bauhaus' - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything!

3. Barriers

3.	Barriers

Geographical, mindsets, thoughts, teachings, religions, castes, followers, god men, communities; name it and we have it. Everything and everyone distinguished.

4. Ungrateful

4.	Ungrateful

No matter to what length one might go for us, we, rather than being thankful, are overcome by the thoughts that this was their duty and our righteousness. We must stop taking things and people for granted because we will be standing on the other side one day for sure.

5. Overbearing

5.	Overbearing

We have forgotten that we owe Earth to our children and to the coming generations. What dumb excuses are we going to come up with when they find that all we have left them with is pollution, deforestation, extinct species, diseases and chemicals?

6. Nasty

6.	Nasty

Has any generation and the living population been so mean and malicious? Ever?

7. Racists

7.	Racists

Perhaps the conditions in Africa are a living proof that how racist and discriminating we are. We have all the resources for wars and eradicating terrorism. But has anyone ever thought that if equality prevailed, people had food, homes, education and jobs; perhaps nothing of this would occur.

8. Brutal

8.	Brutal

We do not think about children, women, men, the natural resources, the plants, the lovely cities that have been developed over a course of hundreds of years. Destroying is not the solution. Re- inhabiting and securing them is.

9. Gold- diggers

9.	Gold- diggers

Earlier, this was used to define women who would go on to marry filthy rich men to live a lavish life. We would go one step ahead and call everyone who has ever been into forgery, fooling and absconding people after the monetary resource from them is over. We call diamonds rare. We loot people into buying them at costliest prices and what do we give back to the nations that have the diamond mines? Nothing. But yes, acquire cheap labour and tremendous working hours from them.

10. Fake

10.	Fake

The lives we live are all fake. Just pick up any glossy magazine or an internet website and you will see thousands of morons wanting to make it big in some world of their own and going to any lengths to achieve that.

11. Diplomatic

11.	Diplomatic

As long as people are going to stay so called ‘neutral’ in times of heat and need, things are not going to be okay.

We totally abide by this quote:

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their silence at times of crisis.”

? Dan Brown, Inferno

12. Ignorance

12.	Ignorance

Till how many months or years or decades are we going to play fool and act ignoring towards the predicament that we foresee clearly?

Our paradise is being lost. If there is a time we can prevent it, it is NOW. Act responsibly.

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