Pollution? In check, says Mexican Ambassador

Team WOWRAL May 04, 2016

She needs no 'VIP' stature. She is ready to go an extra mile to be more awesome!

Melba Pria, Mexican Ambassador in India has found an innovative and eco friendly way to beat the pollution and stay wow!

If you spot an a white colored auto with beautiful colored prints, a flag of Mexico, leaves painted all over, diplomatic license plate and a uniformed man wearing a tie driving it, don't be shocked. It is the Mexican Ambassador who has chosen her own way of lowering the pollution levels. She not only travels in a CNG auto but also stands for the odd- even rule imposed as it is necessary to take some steps rather than sit at home, talk about climate changes and global warming on facebook and twitter. 

She does not need any blue lights car, VIP treatments or cars that drink up fuel like monsters. She says that she now lives in Delhi which makes her a Delhite so why not take the normal transportation mode as the other common people do? Well, a very brilliant point raised Ms. Pria.

What makes her do this? Motivation from her own country1

Mexico has a lot of programs that focus on curbing the pollution levels and has been active in implementing them. She says that there is no harm in trying the same over here in India as well as she calls it home as well. 

Of course her official driver was surprised because as Indians, he is accustomed to seeing people in power using their sources and resources to the fullest. So when this came over, he could not believe it but now enjoys it as well.

Watch the video to know what being really 'cool' is all about.

We wish our Indian politicians would take a cue! *Sigh*

Video Credits: NDTV

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