People will judge. Don't fall prey to their nastiness!

Team WOWRAL Mar 22, 2016

You should not be led by what society thinks. Be you with all the positivity.

Beauty is defined by society. But society who? The judgmental one, the biased one or the mislead one?

The perceptions and thoughts about beauty have changed and how. People are beautiful according to the glossy magazines or the fake advertising created hoardings. What makes a person is being forgotten.

If you show your genuine self, they will term you ugly, horrible, gross and so on. If you wear make up to hide your scars, you are trying to fit in by being fake.

The theory is simple- people are going to judge you. All you have to do is ignore them. Life is beautiful on your terms. You are beautiful no matter what. You are beautiful come what may. You are beautiful as long as you believe in yourself.

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Video Credits: My Pale Skin

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