Often heard statements at a doctor’s

Team WOWRAL Jun 17, 2016

Omg! Do you know the Doctor….

Unfortunately, we all have been to a hospital or a clinic at least once in our lifetime and in case you happen to be in a joint family, the chances are more. Diseases, infections, accidents, non- heard symptoms, births, deaths, and what not. Sometimes our family or sometimes our friends, we all have been there.

Know the most happening place in the clinic/ hospital? The waiting room. This is where all the gossips, rumors, back biting happens. After all there are people so why not be loud and audible so that others learn a thing or two? In India, everyone wants to give free advice so why not contemplate our own experience with the doctor? After all we had the privilege of meeting him!

We thought what are the most ‘talked about’ statements overheard in the hospitals and some of them are so common that they suit perfectly. We thought why not share the same?

1. The Doctor is too costly

1.	The Doctor is too costly

Did not you read or inquire about the consultation fees? Or do you expect the doctor to charge nothing after horrendous incidents at the college and the ‘look here and there in the ugliest place’ experiences? Well, he charges for what he does- help you heal!

2. The Doctor is way too handsome/ beautiful.

2.	The Doctor is way too handsome/ beautiful.

This is where the teenage girls/ boys often the most. Thanks to our Bollywood flicks, they are almost convinced that the Doctor can fall for them. Really? Well, but to be honest, interacting with a well dressed, sophisticated softly speaking person who looks into your eyes and inquires about your health does give us butterflies right?

3. He did not question me properly

3.	He did not question me properly

Okay so are you the doctor? He asked you the symptoms, he saw the signs, he is awaiting results of the tests, he has asked about your health in the past, any diseases, family history, any problem you feel, diagnosed you with the equipments, recorded their readings and done everything that he needs to. So who are you to give him the certificate of passing?

4. So many health tests

4.	So many health tests


This is one thing the elderly mostly complaint about. Blood test, urine test, stool test, cough test, uric acid test, thyroid test, cholesterol test, blah blah test. There is actually a pages long list that can be performed on you by the pathology. Intelligent doctors keep it short and simple but some really irk you at times. They should consider a report that was concluded just the before evening before consulting them. They don’t change this fast. Or they do?

5. See, what filthy handwriting

5.	See, what filthy handwriting

It is not for you to read. So will you let it go already? And they just happen to write fast. It is not their actual writing please!

6. Look at the medicines

6.	Look at the medicines

If he gives you a long list- problem. If he gives you less- problems. What do you seriously expect? Yes, if you go to a Doctor who is a favorite of the Medical Representatives, then there are chances that you might end up with a long one. But that is rare, isn’t it?

7. The clinic? Boring décor isn’t it?

7.	The clinic? Boring décor isn’t it?

Please kill the interior designer in yourself if you are not one professionally. His treatment needs to be prim and proper and clinic hygienic and clean. If he meets these criteria, end of story.

8. The appointment process is too tiring

8.	The appointment process is too tiring

So? Do not bother next time. If there is enough waiting, remember two things the doctor is too good and his medicines help you heal. The next time you book an appointment, always remember you need medical certificate of good health. Not death certificate.

9. Will never visit him again

9.	Will never visit him again

Hahahaha! Whom are you kidding? We know you will be at the same place even if you sneeze.

Come on! Don't judge them. Always remember, they dedicate their lives to save ours.

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