No, don't friendzone him please!

Team WOWRAL Aug 26, 2016

Don't complain about good guys not being around. You just friendzoned him.

Don't complain about good guys not being around. You just friendzoned him.

Admit it, all girls have one male friend who loves them so deep that he will go to any extent and help her, take care of her, be with her, run errands for her; in short do everything that pleases her and lets her be as she is. Naah, naah! Don't get confused. He is not her boyfriend. He is the guy whom she friendzoned forever and the poor chap is happy being one while she goes out and dates mean guys and then complain about them.

What a dumb life!

Friendzone does not just happen. You do see the signs.

Friendzone does not just happen. You do see the signs.

Dear guys,

If she is not interested in you, SHE IS NOT INTERESTED IN YOU. If she remembers you only in times of crisis, take a clue. If she calls you only to understand a concept, take a clue. If she goes out and tells you story about how fun it was, take a clue. If she talks to you because she is getting bored, take that major clue and end it.

You are hovering around her and she basks in it. Look, may be she is THE girl you have always dreamt of and have thoughts about marrying her and thought of a happily ever after. But if she does not find the spark, what are the chances that she will stay by you? What are the chances of a happily ever after? None!

Life is definitely anything but not that straight or simple. You will have your heart broken and it might pain for years to come. A mere mention of her name and your heart will be ready to explode. But you need to get over it. Don't leave your life in a mess that is unstable. You have to move on. Yes, do spend some time on it but pick up yourself and establish again. There will be a girl who will take notice of you and help you brim with joy. TO have something that is sweet and nice, a little pain at times is not bad. Is it?

So get ready to leave the friendzone and move ahead with your life. Life may not be perfect but it is worth living.

P.S.: We know girls go through the same at times too. We send the same words to you darlings!

And the girls, read well.

And the girls, read well.

Dear Girls,

You know the guy who has always been there for you?

Ran errands for you, gave a shoulder to cry on, made a fool of himself to make you smile, completed your projects, solved all your gadget issues, got your work done in minutes, sat with you in the theaters while you cried or laughed at the top pitch, sipped on his drink while you checked out a guy and most importantly told you everything will be fine???

Well, he has a heart too and probably it does crazy things to him upon hearing your name. Admit it you can sense that as well. We all have been hurt before and there is no certification that you will be safe henceforth. But imagine yourself at 60 and regretting about not taking the plunge. Take that risk. Slap those who give you the crapt of bruised knees were better than blah blah..

Imagine how you would be upset at being FRIENDZONED.. Spare him sleepless nights. If yes, go ahead if no- declare. Do not keep them hanging!

It seriously kills to see two good people not being together just because they are supposed to be GOOD FRIENDS. Help him be with you or get over you.

P.S.: Best boy friends are the best boyfriends ever.

Don't just sit and complain. Go ahead and change your ZONE!

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