Need to change

Team WOWRAL Feb 24, 2016

The times are here..

Living in a society has changes the humans. We now stick to and abide by a few rules and regulations, preferably called the 'principles' These have been laid by our forefathers for our betterment. True that. But circumstances have changed, haven't they? We are no more conventional, orthodox and blind followers of the said. We have our own mind that thinks and process. So isn't it the time that we reform ourselves and live lives never imagined?

1. Not exactly a reform but we do need a renovation.

1.	Not exactly a reform but we do need a renovation.

Like we renovate and decorate our homes time to time to prevent them from damage, why shouldn’t we change our thoughts and proceed further for a superior life?

2. Alteration

2.	Alteration

The thought processes have become mundane. The same problems and the same solutions. Why not alter it and see the results? The thought processes need to be altered to explore the newer depths of the human imaginings.

3. Acceptance

3.	Acceptance

We really really need to accept. We need to take a person as they are. Lessening expectations is the key to happiness.

4. No norms

4.	No norms

The society we live in has moved on from being utterly backward, conventional and orthodox. People are taking initiatives to bring in awareness and help people reach out ways that were never imagined before. There is nothing that cannot be realized once the human mind perceives it and puts some will therein.

5. Emphasis on rebuilding

5.	Emphasis on rebuilding

We do not mean that new principles be followed. But what should be really followed is the flexibility according to the changes that the nature and we bring in. Old is good. But we need to make it better for the coming generations.

6. Educations leads a nation

6.	Educations leads a nation

For every nation, it is necessary that the countrymen are educated. Not because everyone must work; but education brings awareness, knowledge, development, hygiene and an adaptability. Education is the chief factor we should pay attention to.

7. Foundation of a new world

7.	Foundation of a new world

It is our duty to lay the foundation of a new universe where thoughts are respected, free thinkers are born, opinions initiated and a healthy environment is formed.

8. Nurture

8.	Nurture

We have to protect and nurture. Everyone and everything. Because earth belongs to everyone and if we have the power to destroy, we have the power to restore. If we are given the better brains, we must put them to enhanced use.

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