My bucket list of living life

Team WOWRAL Mar 30, 2016

Life as it is meant to be!

Life as it is meant to be!

Life is a beautiful journey. And it is meant to be enjoyed thoroughly before it comes to an end. So we thought that if we could have a bucket list for the soul, for the life we thrive, what would it look like? An online album that consists of photographs of adventure sports and places or a warm home filled with laughter, fun, emotions, food and jokes on the dining table?

1. Love

1. Love

Learn to love. There is nothing more divine feeling than being in love. What if there is heartbreak? Well, someone will come along and help you believe in love again. So go ahead and enjoy.

2. Care

2.  Care

It is impossible to love people around without caring for anyone. Most importantly, take into account the fact that how you love to be taken care of. People want the same as well.

3. Share

3.	Share

The simple rule goes- those who love and care- they share. But those who refrain from you, share with them the most because it is them who need the most.

4. Forgive

4.	Forgive

Perhaps this should remain in your bucket list even when everything is over. Always forgive people. This not only helps you stay calm, it brings out the best in you.

5. Remember

5.	Remember

Always remember. Little details. Little deeds. People who helped you. People who pulled you up. People who never gave up on you. Gratitude has no end.

6. Be thankful

6.	Be thankful

For everything that you have in life, be thankful. You never know how the situation might turn out to be in your favour.

7. Pray

7.	Pray

Pray for what you want to what you believe in. But once in a day, do join your hands and pray for the things you are thankful for and what you want to happen.

8. Help

8. Help

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.

Dalai Lama

9. Eat to your heart

9.	Eat to your heart

But also take care of your health!

10. Laugh

10. Laugh

Laugh till your cheeks ache, stomach hurts and you actually roll on the floor.

LOL, ROFL, LMAO is all so outdated!

11. Travel

11. Travel

To the greatest extents, alone or together, when you have time and when you can. Traveling brings knowledge, wisdom and experiences that nothing else can!

And last but the most important one- stick to your friends and family!

And last but the most important one- stick to your friends and family!

Because if they are lost, you will have nothing!

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