Making jokes is fine but stooping low is not

Team WOWRAL Jul 05, 2016

Jokes were meant to make us laugh not sick



Hurting remarks.

Personal attacks.

All in the name of jokes? We do not like it and condemn it completely. As a sane community of people, we really wonder what makes people tickle when a joke is posted in the name of a celeb whose personal life is on target or a cartoon that shows offensiveness and people who are important in the scenario of the country?

Just because of this 'chalta hai' attitude, we are losing the dignity of India and how! Every little thing is multiplied, everyone has a medium, a voice on social media but prefer to sit at home and smirk or grin looking at some cheapness loaded articles mocking an activity done by someone who is famous and in focus.

Yes, we must compromise and bend at certain situation but not with someone who ridicules with a taste of chauvinism and hatred.

We completely criticize this and no, we are not going to be sorry about it.

There are better things to do

There are better things to do

If at all you have to say, write, type or simply express, there are a million things but just to make sure that you are sold, will you write utter crap and publish in the name of humour? We feel pity for you, your education and your values. We have often seen distasteful photographs garnished with silliest and cheapest of the captions and made a smiley beneath them. At least leave the poor smiley. It was not invented to hurt people.

If the film and tv industry stars were not enough politicians are used to express the vulgarity and the sickness this nation is going through. Where are the likes of R. K. Laxman, Mario Miranda, Kaak and others? Not to be found for sure because in recent times, jokes have been equalized as cheapness laded with words and hahahas!

And you know what? The thing that truly hurts is the acceptance and enjoyment by the people. We are humans. Democrats to be specific. And this is how we express? This is how we enjoy? By liking and commenting LOL, ROFL and other abbreviations on dirt? It is not very far away that we will see a day where everything will be a joke to people- in terms of stupidity.

It is time we stand up for our own future

It is time we stand up for our own future

If you believe that there is no harm in having a laugh or two on meaningless stuff, think again. Your children are watching you and so are your siblings. You thoughts are becoming vague, you find slapstick humour funny and agreeable and you cannot just keep calm when it comes to seeing such a post. Expressing is good but not in such a way that it hurts.

People are compared to animals, their pics are photoshopped in a disgraceful manner which at times also includes nudity, their words are morphed and represented in a vulgar state and if you find all of this funny, you do need a mental check up.

Jokes were created to help people relax but now they are exciting them and further developing a chain of shares, likes and comments.

We really need to see people who believe in the good faith and realize that life is about laughing and smiling but not on things that are intended to hurt someone and tarnish someone's image.

Always remember this one rule- you might laugh on a person for him being wrong but the way you laugh and forward the story depends on your intellect. Do not stoop low.

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