Love us or hate us: You cannot ignore us.

Team WOWRAL Feb 24, 2016

Why is it that different people always stand out from the rest?

Is there something about them or their pretence of certain things that makes them unusual? We may mind, raise questions or even criticize at times but we cannot stop being intrigued by them.

1. Curiosity creation

1.	Curiosity creation

They have an air of curiosity around them. A revolving mystery and some questions unanswered. Their life sometimes seems simple and sometimes complicated to no end. Why wouldn’t we be involved?

2. Bold.

2.	Bold.

They are young (irrespective of the age!). They are enthusiastic and they are amazingly audacious. They do not have any inhibitions while expressing themselves and stating their opinions.

3. No damns to give.

3.	No damns to give.

Hate them? They seriously do not care. They do not want to be caged in someone else’s perception of who they are and who they must be.

4. Mass following

4.	Mass following

In the process of being themselves, they create a likeness in masses of certain age and thoughts who loved to be called their followers. And yes, in literal sense.

5. Difference is being respected.

5.	Difference is being respected.

Anybody who stands out is being considered as the ‘happening one’ or ‘cult.’ The mainstream is now considered bore. Unless you do something weirdly innovative, you are not the ‘cool’ one.

6. Ashamed? Who me? You gotta be kidding

6.	Ashamed? Who me? You gotta be kidding

What is shame? I am not going to be sorry for who I am. Today the individual is being respected irrespective of his background, his habits or his behavior. People are beginning to accept that celebs are not Gods and they do make mistakes. So what?

7. Frank!

7.	Frank!

They share their thoughts openly on the social media platforms and interact on the same with their fans without any self-consciousness.

Why wouldn’t you love someone who show you the real they? Or simply punish them for being them? Everyone is human and humans are not perfect. Right?

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