Is responsibility a part of our independence? Doesn't seem so!

Team WOWRAL Aug 15, 2016

Is freedom just about singing songs, social media posts and speeches?

Is freedom just about singing songs, social media posts and speeches?

Yes, we are deliberately late.

Now as we move to the next chapter in the years of independence, we have one question for you: are we 'performing' the freedom the way it is to be done or are we taking everything for granted? The sacrifices, the joints, the formations, the movements, the satyagraha, our martyrs, those who toiled during the British Raj and the most importantly- the respect for life our forefathers believed in that we will have and live with dignity!

At the stroke of midnight, we change our profile and cover pics and post songs and phrases and quotes. We all have been there and done so. Seriously, independence does not need it.

It needs duties fulfilled, rights reserved for the deserved, freedom of eating, living, loving and thriving.

We need law. We need protection. We need justice properly and timely served. But for that, we need to be more than idiotic hypocrites.

Are our children safe? And educated?

Are our children safe? And educated?

While the second being the most important question and going by the adage education is the chief defense of a nation, we lack immensely. If we start with Sivakasi's fireworks factories, we have begging, sex trafficking, kidnappings, stealing, selling, labours, house maids and so much more that it makes us ache with the feeling of helplessness. Some shamelessly employ them. Some try to help but do not succeed far. The children's families put the to different 'jobs' wherein they have to earn an income or at times a meal for a day as well.

How well are we versed with the names of the big and multinational food chains while millions of people go hungry in our country! Yes, indeed this is a situation in almost every country but how about providing simple meals to one person even in a week? Surely costs pennies in front of lavish dinners or as less as a packaged drinking water bottle of 60 bucks!

The safety of women has become a worldwide joke.

The safety of women has become a worldwide joke.

Crimes happen in every country. Yes, agreed. But they are not made a political joke by giving statements upon dressing, partying and mannerism of eating. Fast food really evoke rapes? Common sense just hanged itself.

Not only the politicians, but the media as well leave no stone upturned to make sure that it is treated as an item rather than an awareness news. News has nowadays become almost synonymous with stupidity. People having the gift of gab (even if it is a bad gift after all) are made anchors who shout on the top of their voices trying to prove a point while the politician argues as to why he is right. And then suddenly the whole thing is blamed on the government and that is it. What about educating and controlling the criminals? And justice? Delayed and hence denied.

And what about men? They are deprived too.

And what about men? They are deprived too.

That is right. Though we love to make a criminal out of them without a second thought, men in our country are neglected too. Framed for false rapes, dowry cases, rejection because of low income, constant pressure by families and killing of dreams, what are we pushing them too. Feminism is about the equality for both- men and women so while we strongly advocate women empowerment, we must also make sure that the men in our society are not being mentally and psychologically harassed.

They are not the ones who propagate the theory of patriarchal society. They have been feeding on this idea since their birth and the ones who have done this are no one else but the elders in the families. The modern metrosexual man looks beyond the ideas of right and wrong and believes in sticking to self will. When are we going to help Indian men become more of like that?

While you rejoice with your rights, our responsibilities? Well.. endless!

While you rejoice with your rights, our responsibilities? Well.. endless!

It is not just about how we live but also about a responsibility that we must adhere to.

Freedom is about:

- believing in kindness and humanity. Every religion teaches that too.

- being able to protect everyone; the women, the children, the poor, men from being stereotyped, our heritage, our history, the thinkers, everyone.

- the liberty to speak and stand up for his/ her own self without having a fear.

- rules and norms being followed especially with regards to traffic and security.

- end of orphanages and old age homes.

- realizing that as much as we want to live, so do other species.

- acquiring the habit of reaching out and giving

And lastly, staying calm.

At the stroke of midnight, change your thoughts more than your pics. The Tricolor needs no shares or likes. It is proud in itself.

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