Indian teenager bags NASA scholarship. Pride for us!

Team WOWRAL Feb 29, 2016

Dreams come true for this teenager.

Dreams come true for this teenager.

Sataparna Mukherjee, an eighteen year old, Class 12 student from a village which is about 30km from Kolkata,West Bengal, has been chosen by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the prominent Goddard Internship Programme under the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). Only 5 students from the world were to be chosen and she is one of them.

GIP selects 5 students from across the globe and funds their complete education after school. Sataparna will pursue graduation, post-graduation and PhD (as NASA faculty) in aerospace engineering at London Astrobiology Centre, Oxford University.

As per Sataparna, she was a member of a group on social media where she poster her thoughts about the ‘Black Hole Theory’. The members encouraged her to post the same on the website of NASA. Sataparna's paper on Black Hole Theory, and how it could be used to create a 'Time Machine', was enormously cherished.

Sataparna will leave on August 17.

Her father has stated that the news has made them and the whole nation proud.

Yes, very much Sir.

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