He caught Mahatma Gandhi's killer. 67 years later, his widow is awarded 5 lakh!

Team WOWRAL May 12, 2016

Courage is never overshadowed. Late, yes, but never forgotten.


Who was Raghu Nayak?

Raghu Nayak, a resident of Jagulaipada village of Kendrapara district, was engaged as a gardener at Birla House in Delhi. It was Raghu Nayak who chased and pounced Godse who fired at Mahatma Gandhi on January 30, 1948. Eventually, Nayak trapped Godse successfully. Godse was sentenced to death for Mahatma Gandhi.

Raghu Nayak was awarded Rs. 500, for his incomparable courage by former President Rajendra Prasad. The Chief Minister's Office, Orissa said that it was determined to help Nayak's widow after knowing about her financial misfortune. Raghu Nayak died in 1983, while his son also died few years later. Now, Mandodari, his wife stays with her daughter.

People of Jagulaipada, his native village were so ecstatic with Nayak's valor that they have built a commemorative pillar in his memory in 2005. The pillar was erected with the assistance of the German automobile maker Daimler-Chrysler.

Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister of the Orissa awarded a cheque of Rs.5 lakh and also felicitated Mandodari Nayak with a shawl who was escorted by the Collector of Kendrapara district and her family members.

In the book 'Mahatma Gandhi: The Last Phase,' written by his Gandhiji’s personal secretary Pyarelal, Raghu's courage has received a reference.

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