Happy Birthday Gulzar Sahab!

Team WOWRAL Aug 18, 2016

Take a bow, Sir!

Take a bow, Sir!

If we say that Gulzar Saab is the best charmer who creates magic with words, we will not be wrong for sure.

His selection of words, a few favorite ones or some just randomly chosen strike a chord in the heart like no one else. We listen to poems, songs, read stories and so much more but the kind of after effect after we read his' is simply incomparable.

And to top it, his simplicity speaks for the kind of man he is!

Team Wowral wishes him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and being a little selfish, we hope he continues to work his magic on us forever!

Here are few of his most beautiful lines..

1. Lakeerein hain to rehne do,

Kisi ne rooth kar gusse mein shayad kheech di thi.

Unhi ko ab banao paala aur aao kabaddi khelte hain.


These lines that divide us, let them be.

Someone must have etched them in a fit of rage.

Let us use them to divide the field into two halves and play Kabaddi.

2. Nazm uljhi hui hai seene mein

misare atke hue hain hothon par

udate phirte hain titaliyon ki tarah

lafz kaagaz pe baithate hi nahin

kab se baithaa hun main jaanam

saade kaagaz pe likh ke naam tera

bas tera naam hi mukammal hai

isse behtar bhi nazm kyaa hogi


A poem is entangled in my heart.

lines are stuck on my lips.

Fluttering like butterflies,

words refuse to settle on paper.

I have labored for hours my darling,

writing your name on this blank sheet of paper.

Your name itself suffices;

What other poem can excel that?

3. Ajeeb hai dard aur taskin ka saajha rishta

Milegi chhaon toh bas kahin dhoop mein milegi.


Pain and consolation/comfort share a strange relationship

You can find shade only in hot sunshine as shade can’t exist without sunshine.

4. Ek akeli chhatri mein jab aadhe aadhe bheeg rahe thei

Aadhe sukhe aadhe geele sukha toh main le aayi thi

Geela mann shayad bistar ke pass pada ho

Wo bhijwa do mera wo samaan lauta do


Remember, once when we were both getting drenched, since we were sharing one umbrella

Half the things were drenched. The things that were still dry, I brought with me

But I think I left behind my rain-soaked heart beside the bed

Send that, along with the other things I've left behind

5. Laton se uljhi lipti ek raat hua karti thi

Kabhi kabhi takiye pe wo bhi mila karti hai


There used to be a night entangled in your tresses

Sometimes I still find it on the pillow.

Sigh! Tell us how not to fall in love with you!

Happy Birthday Sir!

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