Google to compete iPhone; will launch own smartphone

Team WOWRAL Jun 27, 2016

Google to fight Apple, will manufacture smartphones

The end of 2016 will see Google manufacturing and launching its own smartphone, equipped with the latest versions of android.

Google is now preparing to create its own smartphone, which will contend with the iPhone. The company is in discussions with mobile operators about releasing a Google-branded smartphone that will expand the company’s shift into hardware.

Google wants to lock horns with Apple's iPhone.

Google wants to lock horns with Apple's iPhone.

A report suggests that the new device will be released by the end of the current year. The reason behind this is being stated as that company wants to take more control over the designing, manufacturing and software. Having that, the company can reach at par with Apple wherein the company has more control over the mobile operating system.

Apple reigns with the smartphone and the iOS.

One of the advantages is that if the company has its own smartphone, it can choose when it wants to roll out newer versions to users, as soon as it is complete. This will help the company to make sure of steadiness while providing users with updates.

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