Google Duo: Now see your caller before you answer!

Team WOWRAL Aug 20, 2016

Come on facetime and Skype, let us compete: Google!

1 million+ !

Yes exactly! It been a few days and that is the the number of Google Duo downloads. Google had announced Duo three months prior and has beaten the deadline. Google launched Duo in order to compete with Facetime and Skype the popular video calling apps and made a few changes with their own to come out with the best. Now how far does Google Duo goes will be determined by the users and the functioning of the app.

Lean in to see what Duo is all about!

In the words of Google, Preview incoming video calls from everyone in your contacts with Knock Knock. So whether it's your mom's first skydiving trip or your friend's shiny new ring, you'll never miss a moment.

They emphasize that the design is user friendly, simple, fun and completely trustworthy and you should be having no trouble once when it gets started. Google focused on removing the complexities that surrounded video calling. The app also switches from wi-fi to cellular data usage WITHOUT dropping the call. Now that makes it intriguing!

“Video calling is the next best thing to being with someone in person. We have designed the interface to be simple, easy and welcoming. In places like India, it has been designed to adapt to the network connectivity conditions. We hope to make the experience of video calling more personal, inviting easy and smooth,” Google Group Product Manager Amit Fulay said in a statement.

So now you don't need a humongous amount to spend on a costlier phone now. Simple android will do the need and you can completely enjoy the benefits of video calling. Best part: all Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted.

So have you downloaded yours?

Video Credits: Google

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