Forwarded messages that make us sick

Team WOWRAL Aug 20, 2016

Where do they get all the crap from?

Where do they get all the crap from?

I got this message in one of the groups on Whatsapp and it made me so angry that I could not stop myself from writing this.

It literally translates to: When the medals were not to be won at all, you could have sent me as well. I haven’t seen Brazil either.

Go on; blame all for not being humorous and being able to take a joke but does this really seem like a joke to you? Our poor athletes are trying their best to achieve something and you go about writing such mindless crap about them and forward them on messengers claiming to be jokes? Seriously people you need better standards.

The backdrop is disheartening!

The backdrop is disheartening!

There are no facilities for our athletes, no equipment, no proper diet and not even correct and precise minimum requirements for them and you expect them to win all the gold? You want your children to be engineers and doctors and working in MNCs and drawing big fat salaries and then you have the audacity to JOKE about how no one is getting a medal. At least they have been trying and trying hard. What are you doing? Sitting at home and watching Olympics (one of the biggest reasons being that it is being advertised on facebook and you need to blurt something too!) and then criticizing? You think they are having fun there and roaming around partying and having fun?

Well let us tell you, they are not. They are concentrating and focusing. Most of our people have reached semi finals and quarter finals and not a word? Perhaps this is the same category of people who have made cricket the ‘baap’ of all sport. No, cricket is not to be blamed but people are. How many of you would go ahead and make your children a discus thrower or runner or a gymnast? It is easy to criticize but impossible to fill their shoes. Think before you make jokes and think twice before you forward them randomly.

The next species is worse. God loves social media and sharing.

<P>The next species is worse. God loves social media and sharing.</P>

I, as a devoted person never knew that Lord Shiva wanted likes on his random photoshopped pics, Allah needed shares or Jesus Christ wanted his status to be commented upon! Which God comes in your dreams and tells you to do all of this while you go ahead and perform all kind of sins throughout the day?

God needs good deed and not time pass. Yes, it is a privilege to be able to see good pics but what sense does it make to comment and share so that you are nearer to the God? Open your inner eyes people open your inner eyes!

Now come the creepy ones.

Now come the creepy ones.

Share or your mother, father, sister, brother, child, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunty, cousin, pet, school teacher, friend, tree, butterfly or who so ever and what so ever will die. Why Lord why? Where is the sanity gone? And what’s worse? Educated, literate people share this stuff expecting further shares. At times I feel like sending all those 9 or 11 or 14 shares to the same person over and over so that he/ she understands what pain it is.

One thing is for sure, common sense is not to be confused with education. It seems to be getting lost day by day.

And yes, if in case, you are that person who copies and pastes stupid lottery details, apps descriptions or money earning schemes in the comments section below, I will find you wherever you are, send all those share and forward messages to you and report you!


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