Female abuse: How low will we droop?

Team WOWRAL May 20, 2016

Every other day we come across COMMENTS which are just more than that.





And then there are candle marches and talks of women empowerment. Seriously why do that when you cannot respect the women of this country? To show off? What kind of human being does that make you?

Barkha Dutt is trending. And not for good reasons at all.

Barkha Dutt is trending. And not for good reasons at all.

She is being abused horrifically and in the most bitter words possible. That is more than shaming us, the Indians. It is becoming a stigma day by day and India is becoming unsafe for the females and as a woman, I completely feel so.

Why is it do that when you travel solo, you have a constant fear? You see three four guys around and if there is no one else in sight, the whole situation becomes extremely terrifying? Because we cannot trust anyone. Yes, there are good people but the number of people overshadowing the goodness in society is increasing day by day.

In social media sites, we often come across question by foreigners asking whether India is safe for female tourists or not, I do not know what to say. There are ladies being abused for who they are and what they believe in. One lady opens her mind about something and the Indians lose it. They will not leave any term that exploits a woman. Brutal and shaming.

And the funniest part being that a car of an actress parked on wrong side of the road is trending more than a topic which needs serious consideration.

Today it is Barkha Dutt, yesterday it was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and before that, someone else. So what if the woman talks about feminism or a specific political party or a cause or just women empowerment. WE CANNOT SEEM TO TAKE DOWN THAT WELL.

We have bans over beef, alcohol, even words like HORN OK PLEASE and porn and what not.

But not on acid sale.

Not on comments that leave scars on the dignity of a woman.

Not on marital rapes.

Not on immoral taunts and comments.

Not on dowry deaths.

And not on the endless mental torture.

We wonder how long will it take the government to notice that it means much more to be correct rather than being diplomatic.

Wake up dear citizens before it is too late to even correct the mistakes!

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