Fairy Godmother: Green tea

Team WOWRAL Jul 04, 2016

The wonder we call green tea

The wonder we call green tea

Yes, you read it right. Of all the foods and beverages available to you nowadays, the healthiest and the one imparting the most benefits is green tea. Presented as plain and a variety of added flavors like lemon, honey, mint and so on, green tea still remains the best of all. Though it is maintained that green tea is native to the Asian subcontinent, majorly China and India, it is consumed the world over for the effects it has been providing and is appreciated everywhere. There are debates over how much amount of green tea over one may consume during the day. Some say 1 cup while it varies up to 5 to 10 cups as well.

But as we know, excess of anything is bad, we must limit the consumption. The best green tea is made in a pre heated vessel and without over brewing. As it contains a good amount of caffeine, it must not be used by people who are caffeine- sensitive. Also, it has tannins which affect the folic acid and hence must not be consumed by pregnant women or those wanting to conceive.

A few of the amazing advantages are:

A few of the amazing advantages are:

Antioxidants: Green tea is loaded with polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins which are extremely strong anti oxidants. Anti- oxidation is nothing but prevention of free radicals that damage cells and molecules. Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is one reason why we consider green tea instrumental as a rich source in treating diseases.

Immunity builder: Studies have found that people who drank green tea over a period of time were more immune to infections and diseases rather than people who did not.

Caffeine: Green tea contains caffeine that activates brain cells and makes you active. It also contains an amino acid- L-theanine which is helpful in increasing the anti- anxiety effects.


Boosts metabolism: A cup of green tea can boost your metabolic rate hugely like no one else. This helps in improving your physical performance and stamina to do things on a wider scale.

Fat burning: Green tea increases fat burning. Drinking green tea alone can help lose even the most stubborn weight.

Cancer: Green tea is extremely helpful in lowering risks of various kinds of cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and so on. Oxidative damage by free radicals add to the advancement of cancer and hence antioxidants have a protective effect.


Old age help: Green tea helps in lowering the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Researches have shown that green tea contains compounds that have protective effect on neurons- cells present in brain.

Kills bacteria: Green tea can literally kill the bacterias and prevent you from infections and diseases, major being tooth decay.

Diabetes: Green tea increases insulin sensitivity, lowers blood sugar levels and thus reducing risk of Type II diabetes.


Cholesterol effect: Green tea has a selective effect on cholesterol, thus reducing and lowering the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Skin: Compounds found in green tea prevent the skin from aging and wrinkles. In fact they do the opposite. Green tea helps skin firming and making it healthy. It is by now very clear that it contains anti oxidants which help in a number of things but it also contains anti inflammatory compounds that more specifically aid the skin.

Now, we do not see a reason why you should not make it a habit already. But make one thing sure that you always go for the good quality green tea and not just any randomly available in the market.

So are you ready to grab a cup?

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