Every daughter is special

Team WOWRAL Jun 25, 2016

Daughters are not only your home's but the country's pride as well!

Daughters bring happiness, love, luck, happiness, warmth and a liveliness even to the saddest souls and homes. Why should we not adore them? Born with a wonderful heart, daughters have wings that want to fly up and high into the sky where are there are no limits and no boundaries and they can achieve whatever their hearts desire.

The above ad depicts a beautiful journey where a girl from a conservative background fights to live her dreams and the respect she brings for herself and her family when she chooses a career that is not suited for a girl.

We are yet to move ahead with time. We might have given our women the wings they need but they must be allowed to wander in the direction their heart takes because hearts never lie and manipulate.

A wonderful video that you must watch!

Video Credits: QMobile PK

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