Don't let them take away the beauty in you.

Team WOWRAL Feb 24, 2016

You are beautiful as you are. Your standards are what you set.

Your beauty does not need any certification.

Years ago, Dove released a video about how the agencies use models and EVOLVE them to look suitable for glossy magazines or hoardings.

What does not go well with us is the fact that even though almost a decade has gone by, people are still suffering from judgmental issues. They do not care how they look but if they look like some other person who is being sought after.

We need to realize that everyone is beautiful in their own way and mannerism like no one else. Comparison only leads to sadness or unfulfilled expectations. Get over it. Get smart and be your own competitor.

Be healthy, shine and get comfortable with your own skin. And stick to happiness. Happy girls are the most beautiful ones.

And in case someone judges you or calls you names, keep your middle finger adorned with a ring. Sometimes show off is a good one.

Video credits: Dove US

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