Don't copy anyone else. Be like Akshay Kumar

Team WOWRAL Jun 29, 2016

After back to back successes Akshay Kumar nails parenting!

After back to back successes Akshay Kumar nails parenting!

There are heroes and stars and actors and others. But there is only one khiladi. Our very own Akshay Kumar. This father's day Akshay Kumar spoke about parenting and the message that underlies beneath his talks is very inspiring.

The actor who hailed from a common family once is now a loved name in every common household. Right from his debut, Akshay Kumar had made his presence felt and after enormous hits and off late back to back successes on box office, Bollywood banks on this khiladi. Doing his own stunts yet paying the stuntmen is just one known fact about him. Donations to farmers, charities, helping orphanages and so much more is well hidden as he does not believe in showing off. Not only this, his name is never heard in any tax scams or frauds, in fact he is one of the highest tax payers in Bollywood. Never late on his shoots, treating everyone equally, maintaining a fixed schedule with discipline, no parties are some of the traits of Akshay Kumar.

When you have gone through difficult portions in life, you tend to be down to earth and that is what he is. Not only he waited at the tables, he cooked, he peeled onions, he taught martial arts and what not. If we say that his stardom is luck, we would be very wrong. It is his sheer hard work and performance that made him what he is today.

Not only this, he is an adorable and obedient son, caring brother, loving husband and a doting father. Considering the kind of giving and lovable person he is, what he said on father's day was shocking but exactly the dose we need to wake up.

Aarav and Nitara will not inherit my wealth and luxuries: Akshay Kumar

Aarav and Nitara will not inherit my wealth and luxuries: Akshay Kumar

Weird right? But very correct. Kids today do not understand the struggles, they do not know hard work and discipline is almost lost. The parents provide for anything and everything the kids ask for without wondering if they really need it. Love has been compensated by money and it is utter shame. The schools have almost no discipline left and has become more of a cool place to hang out with the friends. No, we do not appreciate the beatings or punishments but schools are losing their core values and adopting systems which are not required in the first place.

The grandparents mostly stay away and so the wonderful stories that we grew up with never happen to our children. They never experience the imagination we all formed and discussed. Books have been taken over by internet, friendship and games by social media sites and homework by print outs taken after browsing. Food is fast, growth is slow, teaching smart yet the potential zero.

And in these times when a star says that his children will have to make their own money and live on that, do we realize how hard bent we are on spoiling out children? Akshay has very naturally said that it is required for the children to be in a form of discipline that enables them to focus and face any problem. By spoon feeding not only are we spoiling them, we are restricting their capacity to be inquisitive and explore.

He clearly mentioned that Aarav is in a state of learning and so will be his daughter, Nitara when she grows up. They will have to earn to learn and respect the things they have. Crediting his wife Twinkle Khanna, he claims that his children are living a normal life with all the fun, games, play, education and love that every child should receive. He has started training Aarav already.

Whether the kids join Indian Film Industry or not is a secondary question, Akshay Kumar has told in a very gentle manner that everything can be done no matter how busy you are. It is just about priorities.

In Hollywood, Jackie Chan had set an example by announcing all his wealth to charity while his children must earn on their own. That is the right kind of upbringing and the confidence in it.

Way to go Akshay, we hope to follow you soon.

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