Cannot believe the kind of miracles they have had!

Team WOWRAL Aug 16, 2016

We have stories everywhere. Take cues from them.

We have stories everywhere. Take cues from them.

While searching for miracles, you do not have to go too long. People around us in form or families, friends, relatives or even acquaintances have such beautiful stories that all you can do is really marvel that how blessed we all are and how ignorant we are about them.

I encountered a few stories which were simply so beautiful and simple that you could only wonder if it was so easy to have a miracle. All you need is a little faith, belief and trust topped with sprinkles of patience.

So hold on while we narrate the most wonderful stories of how people witnessed a miracle.

1. People leave only to make space for better ones

1. People leave only to make space for better ones

This is heart breaking.

A girl devoted her life to a guy she knew, who became her friend and then a little bit more. She would think about him all the time, write poems about him, for him, spill all her beans, be expressive, listen to him endlessly and wonder upon a future that would lie ahead.

Sadly, nothing of it came to be true. She lay broken while he had friendzoned her with the humblest of words: she was way too good for him. She cried her eyes out listening to sad songs on loop and becoming an introvert. Almost.

Fast forward to 5 years. She fell in love with a guy, married him and is happy. Fights: yes, arguments: yes but no one leaves the other and when the next morning comes, everything goes back to being better.

If you talk to her now, she is chirpier, happier and smiles her best. Ain't this a miracle?

When people put you down on their priority list, never fight for a spot because you cannot make someone fall in love. This friend of mine admits that her husband may not be the perfect one but he makes her laugh, he makes her think, he makes her have fun and keeps her happy.

Life is good she says. I believe.

2. We take our parents for granted but they treat us as their blessing.

2. We take our parents for granted but they treat us as their blessing.

This is a weird story. Why weird? Because no matter how much this person cheats and deceits, lies and fakes, the parents have never stopped loving him.

Started stealing in school.

Got a girl pregnant and had it aborted in first year graduation.

Fled with a girl in final year graduation only to come back later and deny marrying her.

Left the city to EARN more while asking for money from parents every week.

Went in a live- in relationship and asking parents to pay the loan for a new flat he acquired.

Now you wonder what state the parents must be in. He being their only child, they would succumb to his every word sooner or later. Sometimes I wonder if they had been stricter, would life be better for them or not. Few years passed and the son called them, he was dying. Both of his kidneys had failed, his partner had left him with an infant son and he had no money.

The parents wasted no other second and rushed to him. Within next days, he was operated and given a kidney. His mother's.

After all these years of silent tears, depression and fighting, he is back home and lives with his parents.

When spoken to him last, he seemed sane for now he identifies how blessed he is to have such parents who have stood by him all the times and given him never ending support. Miracle here? The parents themselves, all the way.

3. Miracles happen against all odds.

3. Miracles happen against all odds.

"The doctor says I will never have a baby," she wrote as we were chatting on the window for over few minutes by now.

"Oh my, I am so sorry. But why and how?"I could only ask her this knowing that she loved children and we always knew she would be a naughty mom all along the way since our hostel days together.

I do not know. Something wrong in my tubes or stuff like that." I read silently and could not say anything.

"All will be good right? How many chances?" I could just ask this.

"Chances??? Rubbish! I am going to have a baby and trust me on that. I know I get late in getting my way but I do and I am not gonna take this down as a no from Him. God will see me through it."

She was an optimist. Like her family and we her roomies would tease her, her glass always overflew. I nodded smilingly and typed my best wishes for her. The doctor had almost denied any chance of her having children and yet her spirits were too damn high.

"Its going to be a baby girl and somewhere near you birthday!" I received her message some months later. I almost gasped! Happily! But I was so surprised. It was indeed one great miracle. I remembered the old quote:

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The baby girl is growing leaps and bounds, restoring my faith in belief and miracles.

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