Bloodsport- the charm of it!

Team WOWRAL Apr 08, 2016

Jackson: His first fight in the kumite and he broke the f*cking world record!

That is what it is all about!

Bloodsport is a 1988 American martial arts film directed by Newt Arnold, and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. It is based on true life incidents of martial artist Frank Dux. Bloodsport became a cult film owing to Van Damme's first starring films that showcased his athletic skills. He performed abundant helicopter-style, jump spinning heel kicks, and a complete split.

Why should you watch it? Well, we give you immense reasons.

Why must you watch it? Well, for the following!

1. For the strength

1. For the strength

The adrenaline rush will speak through your body the moment you see this flick. The training sessions will leave you motivated enough to do any task that you have been procrastinating for a long time.

2. For the dedication

2.	For the dedication

Take all the heat but remain unbeaten at the end. Learn new tricks, new methods, new class of fighting and emerge as a winner.

3. For the friendship

3.	For the friendship

During the competition, Frank makes a friend Ray Jackson for whom he fights till the end and takes the impending revenge from his side.

4. For the spirit of the competition

4.	For the spirit of the competition

Frank is never seen indulging in wrong practices during the competition even when Chong Li, uses unfair means to win in the end. Frank is always shown to bow at his opponents and the judges thus making us realize that the key to keep our dignity alive is by respecting the profession and passion first.

5. For the confidence

5.	For the confidence

The confidence that oozes out of Frank is stirring and contagious. You can almost feel the heat rushing through your nerves making you feel that come what may, you can always fight and survive.

6. For never stopping

6.	For never stopping

A person must practice continuously to achieve. Without interruptions, without losing the aim of the goal you have set for yourself. The body language must be deceptive for others. Keep calm on the surface but work really hard to accomplish what you have begun the journey for.

7. And lastly, for the cause.

7.	And lastly, for the cause.

Frank does it for his teacher. To bring respect to him and his teachings. For the Tanaka. For the sword he wanted to earn.

Now, the real Frank Dux!

Now, the real Frank Dux!

Not only this, we can go on and on about how in real life Frank Dux went on to establish his own school of Ninjutsu in 1975, called "Dux Ryu Ninjutsu" which is making fighters even today. The fight is not the point. Never. But the motive is to stick to a goal in your life, practice for it so tough that the confidence itself draws you into believing that you can win whatever you have started for.

We all have some or the other dream. We want to reach a zenith of certain thing that we have always aimed for. Never back down. Fight for it. Achieving or missing is the secondary thing. What you will learn in the process is something no one else can take away from you. So ultimately, who is the winner?

Still waiting? Go see it already!

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