Beware corrupts, the 'Aasmaani Sena' is here

Team WOWRAL Jun 28, 2016

Unity is strength and they prove it right

Adages are never wrong. Time and now, the words of our ancestors have been proved right and how. It just takes one person to stand up and inspire others to be able to make a change. Yes, it is trial and error. Does not work every time. But what happens when it does? What is the outcome of a handful of people joining hands and taking a pledge to resolve their miseries and be able to impact other lives too?


We need to understand that nothing is impossible when you decide that it is enough and we must do something about it. It is up to you how you take your situation. One way is sitting down, accepting and being the victim. Second is standing up, taking stands on pushing others to give justice and be a pillar of strength for those who join you.

This is what a union of women has done in the sugar bowl of India- Lakhimpur Kheri, a district in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Welcom Aasmani Sena!

Welcom Aasmani Sena!

A girl decided to rise against the atrocities, corruption and the black marketing and wonderfully is accompanied by a large number of women who fight for their rights and a corruption free state. It is very rightly said that to fight for justice, you need no weapons or an army. All you need is some will power, courage and a determination to do things that are unheard and never thought of.

Nidhi Mishra, a student chose to rise against the black marketing of ration and surprisingly a large number of women chose to stand with her. They formed a group called "Aasmani Sena" where Aaasmani refers to sky blue and Sena refers to army. The women wear sky blue colored sarees or salwar kameez and march into the shops or offices wherein they hear of any black marketing of ration or any bribes being taken.

Not only this, they have helped people make their ration cards for which the officials would earlier demand bribes or offerings. The condition is such that the officials are fleeing their offices when they come to know that they are the next target of this group.

It is no wonder that the group is growing in size and referring to other resources issue as well. This is indeed an inspiring tale to tell wherein a girl student led a simple revolution in its own where several women were motivated and joined together to fight the corruption.

This is what we call the true spirit of democracy.

Kudos to you Aasmani Sena. You make us and India proud.

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